Brotherhood Code Of Conduct

Its a sketchy world out there, the brother doctrine will help you find your way to being a top brother. Up dawgs time is over its time for up brother. And if you want up brother, then here's a guide to being the ultimate brother figure.

Top Brother Action Tier List:

Tier 1:
Brother says what’s up brother to men and women alike daily filming how they react and post to tiktok, reelz, shorts. Caption till 1 billion. Together we rise, tag other brothers doing this and it’s game over.

Tier 2:
They post on at least 1 of those channels, seriously this is the longevity campaign.3rd tier. They tell their own brothers about it, try to get to sketch, and get real community members.“Calling people who might have a connection to sketch until we get him to hear about brother coin”

Anything below those tiers and methods are 10,000x less valuable if you want to live as an optimal brother, in your optimal divine timeline, you act in that manner, anything less and you’re a pledge.

Top Pledge work:
Raids tweets

GEED Behavior:
Chart watches and complains when there’s a single sell.B
egs for buys from own community of holders, asks for shitty marketing options that are short term and don’t get real community members.

A GDI has little to no emotional intelligence.

Stuck in their own thought loop of peril and reactionary behavior. Not a creator of their reality, has not evolved from an NPC.

They have no pull.

Yet the brotherhood welcomes them to their awakening process.

The secrets of peak brother are for all, it is only those who see a new global fraternity forming. A nelk running a billion dollar token, that are even awake.