Testament To Brothers

We are a not so secret society, here to communicate secrets of the future that will come to pass, and why brotherhood, unity, and purpose are testaments we are fostering through crypto.

Besides being a meme for good laughs, we are a brotherhood centered around the most important revolution in our world today.

Because all meme tokens are actually just the beginning of the emergence of new shared belief systems!

Currency is a shared belief system and its shifting, let us explain.

So we figure we need depth and thought through our entire process to deliver  positive education for people to find understanding and belief in.

We all know Bitcoin as digital gold, but Brother Coin has a higher light to it and viral factor to it. 

Where doge is a meme, and bitcoin was a revolution, Brother Coin is a revolutionary meme.

Bitcoin was just the horse and carriage of sound money, money not controlled or minted by any single entity. For those that do not know this was the true reasoning behind the creation of bitcoin, to disrupt the elite cabal who owns the money supply and created "Sound Money", look that term up!

They own the world because they can print more money to hold power, this power shift is transitioning.

Imagine you bought Bitcoin and then some dudes just printed trillions of dollars worth every would sell eventually once they realize the system is corrupt. Thats what is currently underway.

Again, thats the whole point of crypto, it’s original purpose. Thats why some crypto people seem like asshats to you, they just fail to educate you or maybe even fully understand it themselves.

Bitcoin is slow, high fees, and lacks the memetic narrative to inform the world.

Through brother coin, through these very words. You download the bigger picture of the movement. It’s the new not so secret society, fueled by fun, fueled by brotherhood.

Fueled by giving a good “What’s Up Brother** ☝️**” to your friend in the morning.**

Each laugh, each vibe, through brother coin becomes expensed by the old world order.**

The brotherhood is built on higher principles. A fraternal order with the power of a nation state, the power to have created a new global currency.

You may see doge coin as the best meme token, a light hearted token... but the better memes actually have light in their hearts, and spread it to others. Memes of enlightenment build the best shared belief systems. Even it its just a direction.

Even if its just asking the question "What's up?".

Our mission includes bridging the gap between every What’s Up Brother, and education of the underlying revolution at play which will return a future that is by the brotherhood and for the $BC brotherhood.

Why did the brothers not do ticker $Brother and instead use A $BC...

BC is most well known as “Before Christ”

We understand is the best brotherhood in the world sees the world through a lense that we are in our own BC era. The Before Community era, the Before Collective of Christ consciousness rising. An era where we wake up and believe in greater dreams!

Christ consciousness is just asking yourself "what is up?" like in the heavens. What is up in my life? What would I do if I truly looked up to an abundant future for mankind forming before me? What would jesus do?

You do not even need to be a Christian to vibe with that, you just need to look up towards what we are capable of!

Take on a goated mindset and become a top brother. A Top B.

In the world we should all seek to be the best brother and sister we can be, its kinda obvious. These Brother Coins are deeper than you thought eh?

Well knowledge is power, we see that the light hearted tokens that build long term community win.

And don’t feel left out if you have not typically called yourself a brother... it’s 2024, all sistas are brothers too.